Kinder Birch is committed to changing the organic baby clothing industry. While the market floods with baby blue and powder pink onesies, we are working diligently to change that game. As a fabric company we’ve created hundreds of whimsical knit fabrics, that the modern family can be proud of. 

We have been producing beautiful prints from the highest quality organic cotton fabric for nearly 10 years now and we believe our style identity aligns with that of Charley Harper’s vision perfectly! Our sincerest hope is that if he were alive today, he would be proud to see his work being admired by a new generation of mothers and their children. We create stylish children’s clothing to dress up your precious little ones in environmentally responsible, Mom-approved fashion.

Birch Organic Fabrics was created in an effort to provide an environmentally friendly cotton alternative to the quilting and crafting community. We at Birch Fabrics believe that the sustainability of our planet begins with consciousness, and can be successful with real action. That’s why our fabric is produced from 100% organic cotton and printed with low impact dye. Birch Fabrics is devoted to the highest quality of organic cotton fabrics in the marketplace, with a strong yet whimsical design perspective.

To be considered 100% organic, our cotton has to meet a very strict approval process. The certifier, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), has approved every step in the process from cotton to the finished goods. The process begins from the time the cotton is grown, to how the cotton is transported to the mill, how it is milled, how it is bleached using oxygen based bleach (non chlorine), how the cotton is printed using *Low Impact Dyes, and must also meet a standard of fair working conditions set by the International Labour Organization (ILO). At the end of the process a certificate is provided to ensure that all of these standards have been met and approved.

*Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants, require less rinsing & have a high absorption rate causing less waste water & runoff.

Cynthia Mann is the creative visionary behind Birch Fabrics. An organic fabric enthusiast, and a momma to two beautiful boys. Birch Fabrics was born in 2009, out of a genuine love for organic fabric and a lack of it on her neighborhood fabric store shelves. Cynthia believes that with heart-felt, assertive action, each person can contribute to a healthier planet. You’ll find Cynthia on the beach playing frisbee with her two boys, and two dogs. Today Cynthia is one half of the Jay-Cyn Design team, and serves as the Art Director for Birch Fabrics.

Jason Rector started off as a Multimedia Designer in the Bay Area, after many years of a diverse design background Jason collaborated with Cynthia in starting Birch Fabrics as the Lead Designer and Marketing Director. Now, after what seems like such a long journey, it’s been a personal pleasure to have seen Birch grow into such an amazing company and to have such wonderful employees to manage and bring Birch into a new era. Jay-Cyn Designs were accepted into the fabric world with open arms and Jason continues to thrive in the partnership he shares with Cynthia and the work he does with the talented group of people the company has surrounded itself with.